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About London Management Academy

At LMA, We Make Young Leaders

The Management programmes at London Management Academy offers a wide range of business education and prepares a student for a long and fulfilling career. Our curriculum is application based which is mentored by Docklands college in UK, Eurasia group of Institutions in UK and other SAARC countries. We at LMA believe in providing Life skills and practical knowledge that allows us to create leaders for the future. Business is completely a varied and vibrant discipline, knowing its basics and understanding its dimensions decides the survival of the organization.

London Management Academy is an independent College with a wide portfolio of management courses geared to the needs of students. We are dedicated to provide high-quality education at an affordable cost. Our focus is on students with small class sizes and a friendly and supportive environment. Within this site you will learn about the courses, the staff, and the facilities at our college. We invite you to browse around to see what we have to offer.

Our Vision

To establish a centre for academic excellence to develop global leaders with a perfect combination of entrepreneurial and employment focused learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the college is to maintain a challenging learning environment that nurtures excellence in business education and develops business professionals through innovative programmes. LMA programmes are designed to provide opportunities and experience that enables a students entrepreneurial and employability skills to grow thrive and prosper globally.

Chairman's Message


Dear Readers,

Today, the Indian economy calls for innovation and constant change as the liberalization and globalization process has posed a large number of challenges. We need high quality managers and technical professionals who should be more entrepreneurial in skill, quality and nature.

Our potential for creativity is unlimited and the quality managers need to realize this fundamental truth and start thinking out-of-the-box for new ventures and product-lines which calls for knowledge-based management where knowledge capital has to be largely used for competitive advantages. It is also for top management to encourage and motivate the managers to convert ideas into reality and try-out new projects.

The courses of this Institute are designed addressing the practical requirements of the business and industry and we are striving to develop an academic environment making industrial and field visits frequent enabling tomorrow's professionals come closer to the real enterprise challenges.

Principal Message

At the outset, I wish all the students, faculty and other stake holders a very happy festive season.

The recessionary times have passed and the global economy is on the recovery path. With the positive change BBA hiring is likely to improve further. Today, corporate want their employees to be creative, dynamic and practical. Our BBA programme provides the students with an exposure to the corporate and also traditional values. The new updated infrastructure is well maintained with good teaching and other facilities.

We are proud to say that our faculty comprises of a good blend of academic and industry professionals.

The past year turned out to be an eventful and exciting experience since our students have performed very well in their results and have been well placed. My sincere appeal to all my students is to have a simple focused agenda as a new year resolution, to strive hard for better results and acquire the right attitude to become professional managers.

With best wishes,

Head Of The Department’s Message

It is with great pleasure that I am welcoming all viewers to our webpage. LMA is dedicated to the belief that all the students learn in an environment that is safe and caring. We continue our commitment to prepare students to think big and establish goals on their journey to college and career readiness. I hope that our website will assist you in learning more about LMA

With best wishes,

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